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Todays review was first posted on The P.Turner’s Facebook Page, May 12th 2016!

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Experience the passion of Eva and Gideon—in the intensely sensual Crossfire novels by #1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day.


Crossfire – Review of a Love Story

*Spoiler Alert*

Coinciding with *S* review of One With You, please find below my review of the Crossfire Series…

As you may know I am not a big fan of romance novels, I don’t follow chick lit and haven’t been drawn into the literary world of happily ever after. That being said, reading the Crossfire novels took me into the world of romance, albeit with a much saucier side.

I picked up my copy of Bared to You by the wonderful Sylvia Day and let my somewhat cynical self be drawn into the story of Eva and Gideon. Instantly I was attracted to our hero, to the blue eyed Adonis, who swept Eva and readers off their feet. Following these two head strong and independent characters on their journey, I was pleasantly surprised by the ferocity and feistiness of Eva. It was refreshing to read a female character who knows what she wants and fights for it. The relationship between the two is by no means perfect, even though they are astonishingly beautiful, it is the imperfections of each one of them that compelled me to read the novels that followed.

Through out the series you witness all the difficulties that these two lovers face, the obstacles and interferences from the outside world that pushes them out of their comfort zones. Whilst the love story for me is the focal point in all five novels, I also can’t help but feel like my fellow P Turner *S* and think that more could have developed with the other characters in the lives of our beautiful couple. Maybe one day they will.

Whatever it is that brought you to this series, for me it was the characters that compelled me to read on. Day, a writer far better at honing her craft than some, created a world of pure escapism, of love, lust and obsession. As I read the final pages of One With You, it became clear to me, that as a reader I had evolved, some of the cynicism had abated and romance had seeped into my bookshelves.

And so it is farewell to Eva, Gideon and the world of the Crossfire series, until a re-read becomes a must. And thank you Sylvia Day for bringing these beautiful characters to life, you may have made a romantic out of this unromantic reader yet.

Tell me fellow readers, which books have inspired you? Have any novels you’ve snapped up devoured you in return?


#ThrowbackThursday | #SeriesReview | DIVERGENT TRILOGY by Veronica Roth | #TBT 01.09.20

Welcome to our #ThrowbackThursday part of the blog, where we share old reviews from the archives.

Todays review was first posted on The P.Turner’s Facebook Page, October 6th 2015!

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Divergent One choice can transform you. Veronica Roth’s #1 New York Times bestselling debut is a gripping dystopian tale of electrifying choices, powerful consequences, unexpected romance, and a deeply flawed “perfect society.”

Insurgent One choice can destroy you. Veronica Roth’s second #1 New York Times bestseller continues the dystopian thrill ride. As war surges in the factions all around her, Tris attempts to save those she loves–and herself–while grappling with haunting questions of grief and forgiveness, identity and loyalty, politics and love.

Divergent #3: The explosive conclusion to Veronica Roth’s #1 New York Times bestselling Divergent trilogy reveals the secrets of the dystopian world that has captivated millions of readers in Divergent and Insurgent. 


As part of my Reading Challenge for 2015, I have just completed a trilogy; the ‘Divergent’ Series by Veronica Roth

Divergent tells the story of 16 year old Beatrice, who lives in a city where people are divided into factions. Each faction holds their own set of beliefs and ways of living. Beatrice must choose which faction she will belong to; the selfless Abnegation, the caring Amity, the truthful Candor, the smart Erudite or the fearless Dauntless. Once she makes her choice, her world will never be the same again.

A great YA read which has relatable content throughout for readers of all ages. The story moves at a quick pace which can require a re-read of previous pages. But all in a great read.


#LettersFromTheHeart | #SeriesReview | THE POLDARK SAGA by Winston Graham (Published between 1945-2002) #Poldark

Wow! Cannot believe I have gotten to the end of the series. It has been one hell of a ride that I genuinely think will stay with me for time to come, well at least until I pick it up again.

From the moment we meet Ross and later Demelza we fall in love with both of them and their relationship. For most of the series we get to see them grow as characters as well and as in their relationship and security of knowing they have each other. The first 6 books are mainly about them and the paths their lives follow but we are also introduced to lots of new characters and see a glance into their lives. Dwight and Caroline, who also win our hearts as well as each other and become constant throughout, are just one example of the people that become entwined into our hearts.


My favourite thing about this series was how it was always so unpredictable. Each book starts off one way and completely changes direction by the end. Even the things that happen are never what the reader expects and I was constantly on the edge of my seat eager to turn the pages.

Winston was never afraid to change things up and we lose lots of our favourite characters to death shockingly in some instances. I definitely felt some of these deaths deep in my heart and even found myself in tears at some points.

As the series progresses and become more about the younger generation of Poldarks, Ross and Demelza still very much at the helm, I was expecting to enjoy the stories less and less but I found myself still as much engrossed as the first books. All I wanted was for each person to find their happy ending, and when they did I let out a little cheer until yet something else happened to pull the rug out from under me.


In the later books the French Revolution becomes a big part of the story and although these bits lost me a bit, it was clear to see that Winston had done his research and the element of truth really added to the story and made it feel more real.

As we draw to the end of the series I found myself needing to know how it ended but at the same time reluctant to finish. Winston was very good at making sure lots of the loose ends were tied up and I found myself with a grin like a Cheshire cat as I turned the last page.

I would highly recommend this series to fans of historical romance, it is well worth the effort and time to finish the complete series and it has definitely found it’s way onto my favourites list as well as into my heart.


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