#MiniReviewMonday | #BookReviews | 02/12/2019

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Never has a quote been so relevant to EVERY book worm around the globe (and further!). SO many books, but so little time! The same can also be said for book bloggers. We read that many books so we can share them with our audience, but we find ourselves short of time to write all our thoughts down in a comprehensive review.

This brings us nicely to ‘Mini Review Monday’. A place where, to compliment our current content, we can share with you some of our initial thoughts on books we have been reading over the last week.

The Thirty-Nine Steps – John Buchan


When Richard Hannay finds the corpse of freelance spy Franklin P. Scudder in his London flat, he goes on the run, fearing that his life is in danger. Scudder had previously revealed that he was investigating a ring of German spies, who were conspiring to sabotage Britain’s war capability. Hannay becomes both hunter and hunted as he struggles to unravel the tangled threads of this plot while staying one step ahead of his pursuers, who will stop at nothing to keep their nefarious secrets.

First published in 1915, John Buchan’s definitive spy novel was the first in a long line of espionage thrillers to delve into the underbelly of the British establishment. Over a hundred years later, The Thirty-Nine Steps remains resonant, and the various film, television and theatre adaptations of this classic – most notably Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 version – are a testament to its capacity to thrill.


When I spotted this in the library I picked it up to read what the fuss was about and why it was described as a classic.

I am definitely glad that I did. I do love a bit of good vintage reading. 

Richard Hannay finds his neighbour, Franklin P Scudder, on his doorstep one evening with abit of an unbelievable story. He decides to humour the man, consider whether what he has been told is actually true or not, and lets him stop in his apartment.

When Hannay finds Scudder murdered he is forced to believe the story he was told and go on the run incase the next victim is him. 

What follows is a brilliant chase across the country, all the time trying to stay ahead of the enemy.

I need to find the film not to see how this measures up to the book. 
Even though this originally published in 1915 I found this a fast paced thriller that I enjoyed and is still enjoyed by other readers nearly 105 years later.


If you have read this far down in the post hoping for a second review I do apologise. Due to personal commitments I have just run out of reading time this week.

Thank you for your patience and I hope to be back up to usual reading speed soon.


Have you read The Thirty-Nine Steps? Or any of the other books previously featured in Mini Review Monday? Let us know your thoughts!