#IncidentReport | #BookReview | INSIDIOUS INTENT (Tony Hill & Carol Jordan #10) by Val McDermid @valmcdermid‏ (August 24th 2017, Little Brown @LittleBrownUK)

INSIDIOUS INTENT by Val McDermid (August 24th 2017, Little Brown)

Rating; ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Widely recognized as one of our finest crime writers, with numerous accolades and legions of devoted readers worldwide, internationally bestselling author Val McDermid is back with the latest installment in her series featuring psychologist Tony Hill and former police detective Carol Jordan. In Insidious Intent, Tony and Carol are on the hunt for a serial killer who victimizes women at weddings without a date–and forces the duo to confront their most haunting moral dilemma so far.

In the north of England, single women are beginning to disappear from weddings. A pattern soon becomes clear: Someone is crashing the festivities and luring the women away–only to leave the victims’ bodies in their own burned-out cars in remote locations. Tony and Carol are called upon to investigate–but this may be the toughest case they’ve ever had to face. Meanwhile, Detective Sergeant Paula McIntyre and her partner Elinor must deal with a cruel cyber-blackmailer targeting their teenage ward, Torin.

Impeccably plotted and intensely gripping, Insidious Intent reaffirms Val McDermid’s place as Britain’s reigning Queen of Crime.

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It’s only when you read the final pages of this book that you stumble across a letter from Val McDermid herself asking the readers not to spoil the plot for INSIDIOUS INTENT. Thankfully, I am one of those bloggers that will never spoil plots, characters, endings, etc. What I can tell you is ‘HOLY SHIT!!!’ – this book ruined me and literally had me weeping. Have you ever had to explain to your other half/sibling/friend/significant other why reading words on a page evokes such emotion? Some people just don’t understand!

INSIDIOUS INTENT picks up pretty quickly after SPLINTER THE SILENCE where Carol is back in the fold and heading up the newly formed ReMIT unit. Their first big case was always going to test the team and push them to their limits, even more so when they are under scrutiny from higher powers.

What I always enjoy about this series is that the focus isn’t entirely on Tony & Carol – there are other great characters within the team that warrant their own page time. We get more from Paula and Elinor, Stacey, Alvin…even Kevin! For me, it makes for a much more well rounded novel and for me, helps the reader to fully invest in the whole team and not just view them as ‘extras’ which I feel can sometimes happen in police procedurals.

I sometimes judge books on how far I would throw them afterwards. You may think that is a negative thing to do – but for me, it just reinforces how emotional I got whilst reading it and how much of a book hangover it gave me. INSIDIOUS INTENT made me want to get out of my tent and throw it in the lake. Then swim out to fetch it, then throw it back in again! I LOVED this book. Just when I thought I had it all sussed out…. WHAM! Right in the feels.

My only hope now is that we don’t have to wait another two years to read what happens next!

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#AuthorFeature – Val McDermid @valmcdermid – #WomensHistoryMonth 07/03/2017

Welcome to DAY TWO of five features this week where I talk about just some of the women that I personally feel have helped shaped not only the literary world, but also my tastes as a reader. These are not going to be lengthy essay types – they tend to drivel on. We want our features to be short and sweet!

I could not do this week without mentioning one of my favourite female authors; Val McDermid.


McDermid was a journalist after leaving university before penning her first novel in the Lindsay Gordon series; REPORT FOR MURDER

Since then, McDermid has gone on to release many standalone books, as well as books in four separate series; Lindsay Gordon, Inspector Karen Pirie, Kate Brannigan and my personal favourite; Tony Hill & Carol Jordan.


#ThursdayQuotable – The Mermaids Singing by @valmcdermid 23/02


THURSDAY QUOTABLES is a weekly book meme hosted by the lovely Book Shelf Fantasies

This weekly feature is the place to highlight a great quote, line or passage discovered during your reading each week. Whether it’s something funny, startling, gut-wrenching, or just beautifully written, THURSDAY QUOTABLES is where my favourite lines of the week will be…and you’re invited to join in.

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THE MERMAIDS SINGING by Val McDermid (Harper Collins, 2015 – Original Publication 1995)

“He looked so vulnerable and fallible, his shoulders slumped, his head down, that Carol’s impulses overrode the decision she’d taken only minutes before to play it cool. She stepped forward and pulled Tony into a tight hug. ‘If anyone can do it, you can,’ she whispered against his chin like a cat marking its territory.”

What can I say?! For my first THURSDAY QUOTABLE – it HAD to be a quote from the book that really started it all for me; THE MERMAIDS SINGING by Val McDermid.

As a young person, I used to read a lot of Goosebumps, then progressed onto Point Crime and Point Horror. I’ve always been grateful that I was able to pick up reading very quickly at school. The downside to this is that by my teens, I was wanting something more advanced that I could really get my teeth into.

My Mum has always been an avid reader – predominantly Stephen King and Val McDermid. So when I asked if she could recommend me a book, based on what I had been reading previously – she handed me THE MERMAIDS SINGING. WOW! This book blew me away and also helped my hunger for more crime fiction. Was every book like this? I had to find out.

This book will always stick with me, and I will forever recommend this book.

Until next week, keep reading on.