Now it is August, really what has happened to this year?!

How are you doing?

Personally I feel as though it is still March, cannot get my head around it being over halfway through the year now. Not sure about yourself but I do feel like we are living in the film Groundhog Day, seems to be I am repeating the same few things over again….

But with more things reopening I should take advantage to break up the routine (but still being safe obviously) Speaking of Groundhog Day, I may have to watch that again. Loved the film!

My reading speed is still slow, so to have a large amount of reading in my bookbag last month was abit of a challenge! It is my own fault, being lucky enough to read and review books sometimes my reading appetite is bigger than my reading ability, so other things slip to fit it all in

As I said for July, I am wanting to reduce the volume of books in my bookbag this month, so I am not putting so much pressure of myself but we will wait and see

It has been over a year now that I have been Interim Admin for the blog, is there anything you like that I am doing? Anything that I could improve on? Or something that you would like to see as a new feature?

Let us know in the comments below!


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