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Hello and welcome to our stop on the Last Survivor blog tour!

Thank you very much to Emma @ Damppebbles and Tony Park for providing a copy of the book to [K]

The review below is 100% honest and all of her own views.


A priceless plant, a rare African cycad thought to be extinct and prized by collectors, has been discovered, then stolen.

Joanne Flack, widowed and broke, is the prime suspect for the crime. While supposedly hiding out in London she single-handedly foils a terrorist plot, killing a lone-wolf gunman.

Former mercenary turned CIA contractor, Sonja Kurtz, uncovers a link between the missing plant and the terrorist who tried to kill Joanne. The US Government thinks that if it can find the missing cycad it can foil an attack to rival 9-11.

Hot on Joanne’s trail is retired US Fisheries and Wildlife Department special agent Rod Cavanagh who knows his plants and knows his target – he’s her former lover.

Joanne is a member of the Pretoria Cycad and Firearms Appreciation Society. She, Sonja and Rod enlist the help of this group of ageing gardeners and gun nuts to find a plant worth a fortune and the traitor in their midst who is willing to kill for it.



Starting with a stolen plant, this quickly escalates with a possible terrorist attack and a dangerous cat and mouse game for Joanne and her assassins, this was a high octane thrill ride from start to finish.

Sonja made a brilliant strong female take no sh*t lead who knows what she wants, when she wants and has a plan. I loved the idea of an aging group of plant (cycad) lovers that also enjoy going to the gun range for shooting practice. Not your typical set of main characters! 

Compared to my previous reads it was a refreshing change to have the cities and wilds of Africa as the backdrop for this roller coaster ride. 

I found this a fast paced read that I actually struggled to put down so I could do some work! This was my first read by Tony Parks, but I will definitely be reading his other books featuring Sonja Kurtz soon and cannot wait to get my hands on the next installment.

If you love action thrillers and want something different to the usual, please pick up this book and give Tony a try!


Author Bio:

Tony Park was born in 1964 and grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney. He has worked as a newspaper reporter in Australia and the UK, a press secretary, a PR consultant and a freelance writer. He also served 34 years in the Australian Army Reserve, including six months in Afghanistan in 2002. Tony and his wife, Nicola, divide their time equally between Australia and southern Africa. He is the author of eighteen thriller novels set in Africa, with more on the way. His latest novel, Last Survivor, was the number one bestelling adult fiction title in South Africa.

Social Media:

Twitter | Facebook | Website | Instagram | YouTube

Publishing Information:

Published in paperback and digital formats by AJP on 1st August 2020

You can buy Last Survivor from the following booksellers (and obviously many more! Support your local booksellers where you can!)

Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US) | Amazon (AU)

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