#TeaserShare | WOLF RANCH FERAL by Vanessa Vale @IamVanessaVale and Renee Rose @ReneeRoseAuthor (June 18th 2020) @LWoodsPR

Wolf Ranch: Feral by Vanessa Vale & Renee Rose
Release Date — June 18, 2020

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Pack Rule #3: The alpha must mate.

The stronger the alpha, the greater the danger.
Moon madness could claim me any time now.
I’ve looked all over the continent, gone to mating games, but I still haven’t found the she-wolf meant to be mine. I’ve already become too feral in bed.
I’m not safe—not for random females. Especially not the human variety.
One just moved into the ranch next door. She’s way too tempting. And I’m way too dangerous.
I have to stay away. I don’t dare get near her.
Because I would die before I ever let anything harm the little human.
Including me.

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