#PromoPost | FORBIDDEN DRAGON by Clair Cunningham (July 23rd 2019) @bemybboyfriend

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She washed up on an island where the beasts are more likely to kill her than the waves she survived.

Edrei’s life changes the day she arrives on Pyrrhus. A lone human on an island full of volatile dragons. Her life is no longer her own, but lies in the hands of a terrifying queen.

The man who saved her is a beast, and one of twelve consorts. Daygen is off-limits to all but one. His feelings cloud his judgement when he befriends Edrei. Determined to prove a point, Queen Brighid makes an example of one of the twelve.

Betrayed by an angry brother and a jealous queen, Edrei’s life hangs in the balance. Brighid will force Daygen to make an impossible choice. After all, he owes her. And she will come to collect on his debt.

About the Author:

Reading, writing, and the arts have always been Clair’s favorite things. She grew up writing short stories and poetry, and has a degree in Mass Media. She never thought she would use her degree, but becoming an author proved her wrong. Clair currently resides in Arkansas. She is married and has four children. She hopes that by watching their mother reach for her goals and dreams, they will do the same. 

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