#RisqueReads | #BookReview | THE BREED: CASSTIEL’S VOW (The Breed #1) by Alice K. Wayne @QueenOfTheBreed (August 13th 2014, Indie Published) #IndieAuthor

THE BREED: CASSTIEL’S VOW (The Breed #1) by Alice K. Wayne
Published: August 13th 2014, Indie Published

After the brutal kidnapping of her brother, Tessa Roberts, a human born with the ability to read other human minds, plunges herself into the dark and mysterious world of the Breed, hell bent on finding him. What she encounters however, is far more than she bargained for.

Vampires and werewolves are one race known as the Breed, and are locked in a centuries old war against vicious human Hunters. With the help of Casstiel, the fierce leader of the Breed’s defense team who carries a fiery passion for her, can she find her brother before the war erupts on their doorstep? Or will lies and betrayals end the new life she’s forged for herself, along with the lives of everyone she loves?

When *S* asked me if I’d read the novel THE BREED: CASSTIEL’S VOW and explained to me that this was a vampire story, I instantly said yes. Vampires are my passion, I love nothing more than reading a good vampire story, throw in a few other supernatural beings and I am one happy camper. I’ve not heard of The Breed before, so came to this story completely blind.

Let me just say I was not disappointed; The Breed is something different. Cleverly thought out and well executed, this is a story of a world where vampires, werewolves and humans try to co-exist, throw in the possibility of some steamy scenes between handsome men and women, you’ve got a recipe for success.

I was intrigued by the idea that vampires and werewolves can not only co-exist with humans but also thrive, that species who are normally pitted against one another can actually work together, in relative peace. The writer has a created a world that I instantly fell in love with, sexy, strong vampires and werewolves running around saving the day. Throw in a few humans to keep everyone accounted for and you have a story that not only draws you but gets you siding with the supernatural creatures rather than our fellow humans.

Casstiel is our leading man, every bit as wise, handsome, strong and devilish as we’ve come to expect from this genre of novels. I loved his character, I loved the way he instantly became our hero. The developing love story between him and Tessa was just another tick in my favour. Tessa is a leading lady who comes into her own. This is a story about the characters journey’s in a world surrounded by chaos.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel, I was rooting for every character we met along the way and could not stop reading. I have high expectations for any novel that covers vampires, werewolves and mortals alike and it is safe to say I was very happy. Here is a novel that instead of being afraid to make their characters scary, violent, romantic and swoon worthy, they threw it all into the mix. A very happy reader indeed.

I cannot wait to read more of this story, to see what happens to not only Casstiel and Tessa but the other characters created in the world of The Breed. I know where I’ll be escaping to for the next novel.

You can buy THE BREED: CASSTIEL’S VOW (The Breed #1) now at the following booksellers (and many more!);

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